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Prime Consultant, Architectural, Interior Design, Engineering, Environmental Consulting, Project Management, and Electrical

Yeni Enterprises Ltd.

Architectural, Interior Design (through YEG Architectural), Engineering (JG-I Group), Consulting, and Project Management

We don't just provide project management, architectural, and engineering services – we are building a community!


Yeni Enterprises Ltd. is the newest addition to join the JG-I Group portfolio of companies established in 2022. Yeni is a Indigenous company registered into the Federal Government’s Indigenous Business Directory. “Yeni” meaning “new” in the owner’s first language, represents new alliances and new opportunities. Yeni was formed to enable the expansion of JG-I Group’s services in the public sector to provide a dynamic platform for new partnerships and joint ventures. Yeni, as a member of the JG-I family, offers a variety of similar services available through the group of companies, with the strength and expertise of the JG-I team.

YENI Enterprises is proud to be an Indigenous-owned consulting firm, operating across all western Canada. Operating as JG-I Group with JG-I Management Group, YEG Architectural, and YEG Engineering; we provide unique and innovative deliverables to Indigenous clients, non-Indigenous clients, and all levels of the public sector.

With full permits to practice (architectural & engineering) across western Canada, our experienced and professional team works hand in hand with Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, private companies, and the public sector to make goals become reality. Our core areas of service are:

  • Prime Consulting, Architectural & Interior Design Services (through YEG Architectural)
  • Engineering Consulting & Engineering Services (JG-I Management Group)
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Project Management
  • Full Commercial Contractor Electrical services
  • UPS System Supply

Our core values of integrity, teamwork, respect, and accountability allow us to meet the high expectations of our clients. We are proud to have built many lasting and unshakeable relationships over the years.

We provide more than consulting services, we are building the community for all Canadian and Indigenous peoples.